Saturday, April 25, 2009

Monkdeth Skateboards

Be sure to visit our friends, Monkdeth Skateboards on the web or at their myspace page.

Look for their website to be relaunched this June!

What is Project Underworld?

Project Underworld is a small internet webstore, showroom, and mobile skateshop designed to promote and showcase Monkdeth and other skateboard brands.

Small independent owned skateshops are struggling in the world of Zumiez, CCS, and other Big Sporting Goods companies..... where are they when you are getting harassed by police for skating a rail? Where are they when

Click here to make a purchase on our webstore and keep your eyes peeled, showroom is expected to open in July 2009.

New Monkdeth Flash Model is expected to be in stock in early June.
Also look for our big event with Stalefish Skate and Snow and Monkdeth Skateboards on Sunday June 21st.