Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bird Fight!

This article was supposed to be a straight forward interview; however I must have forgotten how to use older technology because I somehow messed up the recording of the interview with Bird Fight.  At a recent rehearsal, Rose and I sat down with Ken, Megan, Matt, and Quest to discuss the band and thank them for being the first to sign on for the 2016 Punks for a Princess Plunge Party.
Bird Fight was formed when Ken and Megan from Switching to Whiskey joined up with Matt and Quest (currently still in the Colorflies) to create something new.  Megan is the vocalist, Ken on guitars, Quest on bass, and Matt is in the back on the beats.  This group is experienced musicians and has played around the Northwest in previous bands.
Outside of music, Matt and Megan are big readers, Ken mountain bikes and recently have been seen on a motorcycle, and Quest sticks with music as a big part of his time.

So what are the band’s plans for 2016?  They are going to play the Punks for a Princess Plunge Party on January 1st and then they look forward to playing out with maybe a mini tour and record.  So they will be practicing for the next few weeks to make the Punks for a Princess Plunge Party a day for you to remember, come on down and check them out.

Opening for Moral Crux this Saturday Dec. 12th!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blast from the past

When not tearing up the streets, lakes, mountains, I'm also looking to the past to unravel the puzzles left by others.

Photos from 2011 and the Pierowski Quest for Templar Treasure.

Newport RI - the Viking tower.

West ford Knight in Westford Ma

Friday, August 28, 2015

Trust your gear

New Dakine hydration pack from CDABikeCo.  Stay refreshed while it is dry.

Another solid product from Dakine.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

$4200 Raised for Serina! Thank You All!

Thank you Mad Bomber Brewing, ASM, Switchin to Whiskey, Sorority, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Red Bull!