Friday, July 15, 2011

Big 40 and other summer fun!

Summertime and the living is easy, however it is also busy which explains the delay in the blog review of my own birthday bash, put together by my lovely wife Rose.

July 3rd 2011- I hit the 40 mark and was out wakeskating with Tony and Jeremy. Jer and I then hit Subliminal for a quick old man sesh. Thank Jay for the Hook up!

We picked up the crazy texan in his speedo and headed back to my house. A pig was roasting, keg was tapped and bands were setting up!!!!

The line up was

Frenzy of tongs
Seven Year Plan
the Smashed
Flav Martin

All of the bands were great and most importantly I had a blast. The mini was soaked and I almost took off Brad's head slipping out from a pivot.

Pete went crazy on the trampoline & jersey joe tried to piss in my closet!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped out and plated, and drank, and laughed and you get the drill!