Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Manifesto


Skateboarders: Your community has failed you
A call to the skateboarding and BMX youth of North Smithfield: Your community has failed you. Your community does not support you because they feel you do not fit the mold they made for you. However, do you want to be molded like the leaders of this community? These are the same people that either want the town to look as it did 50 years ago, or the people who think by bringing in some big retail store all of our tax problems will go away. None of these people want to create anything.
I call on you to look back in time, study the founders of this great land. How did they succeed? They created something out of nothing. They forged our great nation out of a wilderness that was ungoverned and unexplored.
The creative aspect of mankind is what has always brought him success. It is up to you to do the same to keep skateboarding and BMX alive in your town. Build with wood, concrete, and dirt. Make your own spots. The skills you learn in doing so will be just as fun as the tricks you will perform on the spots when you are done. You will also be learning self-reliance, something often forgotten in today's modern world where people are expecting their government to take care of them. Defy the community that is letting you down, show them that they cannot take away your fun by removing concrete forms and locking them away.
Walter Pierowski
North Smithfield

Skateboard park loss unfortunate


Skateboard park loss unfortunate
I was shocked to read the April 15 Valley Breeze and learn that the town skatepark is being dismantled. However based on my experience with the town not being supportive of it, it should have come as no surprise. I have enjoyed this park in the past and have had brought professional skateboarders to this very park.
From the beginning this park was doomed; look at the concrete used to fill the transitions to the asphalt. Kids pour better concrete in remote spots in Providence. Then the absurd helmet rule, is this the only town in the Ocean State with one? I know Hudson, Mass. has a pad rule, however they have a 9-foot bowl. The town criminalizes kids who are trying to have a little fun.
Also, when holding past events, I found that other towns were much more receptive than my own town. Such a shame.
Without seeing the insurance agents report or knowing how much it adds to the town insurance, I may be making misguided claims. I also do not know how much of an effort it takes the parks department to clean, 2-3 hours, is that per day, per week? How does it compare to taking care of the baseball fields and playground? I am also sure that by removing the skatepark the vandalism won't magically disappear. Maybe we should move the playground and baseball fields over to the police station as well.
As a past owner of a retail store involved in skateboarding, I know that many parents in the area enjoyed the North Smithfield Skateboard Park. The location is not isolated as stated in the article, it is wide open and many parents felt their children were safe and visible. They commented on how well kept the park was, how it was safe with the fences, and open for them to see if they were across at the playground.
I would be willing to do what I can to make sure the town offers a skateboard park to the skateboarders of the town.
Walter Pierowski
North Smithfield