Saturday, February 25, 2012

End of feb already!

Took a little trip down to Raleigh this week. If you are ever in the area and need gear, check out Veritcal Urge, well stocked and friendly empoloyees.
Skatepark next door as well.
As spring approaches, better get your skate ready if it isn't. The way this winter was I skated all winter.
Not much snow skating, but plenty of regular good ole fashion skateboarding......

Sunday, February 19, 2012

yeah yeah yeah

that weekly post thing really has been working out.....

Just wanted to take the time today to promote my favorite bands.....

Top Three:
Frenzy of Tongs
the McGunks
Beantown Boozehounds

Honorable Mentions
the smashed
seven year plan

Other Favorite......
Duane Peters and Die Hunns

Sure I listen to other stuff, but all of these guys play with their heart and put out some damn good shows and tracks.... that's why they get to be on my TOP LIST.

check em out.