Monday, May 7, 2018

Update from the world of Monkdeth......

What's new over in our world..... 

Gear for Sale -  also check out our slightly used stuff as well including bikes.

Winter is a wrap, finished the snowskate season at Silver a few weeks back.  Great Snowskate season with team Monkdeth hitting a few events along the way such as the SortaNatural and our first tim at Hurricane Ridge for the Olympics - Strapless Weekend.

Spring is on, #bikecommute to the day job and skating after work - CDA will be getting a new park this summer, look for updates on that!

OC45 was in town for a few Northwest shows wrapping up at the Hogfish in CDA - they are off to finish their Spring Tour with a next stop in Bozeman.

Next up is a brief monkdeth tour in the Summer - Boston to Philly.  With some skating and surfing this should be a blast.  Possibly Freny of Tongs show in the mix as well!

That's about it for now - stay tuned for more!

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